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Thread: How to jailbreak iPad 1 on iOS 5 using redsn0w

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    Default How to jailbreak iPad 1 on iOS 5 using redsn0w

    These instructions will show you how to jailbreak your iPad 1 running iOS 5 using the Windows version of redsn0w. Currently this is jailbreak is tethered for all devices supported except the old bootrom iPhone 3GS (iPhone 3GS new bootrom, iPhone 4 (GSM, CDMA), iPod Touch (3G, 4G) and iPad 1). It requires that you upgrade to iOS 5 using iTunes which may make it impossible to unlock until a solution is found by the Dev Team. If you need to unlock, wait for a guide on how to create a custom ipsw file that does not upgrade your baseband.

    Step 1
    Download and launch redsn0w (Windows, Mac).

    Step 2
    Select the Jailbreak button.

    Step 3
    Make sure your device is off and select Next.

    Step 4
    Follow the instructions to put your device in DFU mode.

    The jailbreak process will begin. Let it run.

    Step 5
    By default, Install Cydia is selected. I would recommend Enable multitask gestures. Click Next.

    The jailbreak process will continue and then will finish on the device.

    When the device boots, you will find Cydia with a white icon. You will need to rerun redns0w to boot tethered.

    Step 6
    Rerun redsn0w except this time select Extras and then the Just boot button. Follow the same steps as above until the device reboots.

    Now you should have the normal Cydia logo. Launch it and let it run through it's processes. You may need to do an upgrade the first time.


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    Default How to jailbreak iPad 1 on iOS 5 using redsn0w

    so after jail break is done..we need to install any application from cydia to make it untethered or it is by default untethered..?

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