Here is a guide that I orginally posted on another site on September 20, 2006:

This is my latest guide to MEdia Net and MMS specifically for the KRZR K1. It mainly consists of uploading one WebSession file to your K1.

Most of the credit belongs to GraemeCR. He discovered that after deleting the current websession file, the new blank file was unviewable with current P2K programs (or at least with P2KTools). This is because it is assigned an attribute (070045) that apparently can only be viewed using Motorola Explorer 0.93 (other versions may work but only this one was tested so far). Once he input the MEdia Net session, with the same settings from: maximus' *new* guide to MEdia Net and MMS for the V3i, he successfully extracted the file and sent it to me.

It is my suggestion that while we are still exploring this new phone, that you also run Motorola Explorer 0.93 side-by-side with your P2K program.

Items you will need:

1. P2KTools (or Motorola Explorere 0.93)

2. Modded WebSession file (credit to GraemeCR for extraction!)

What to do for MEdia Net:

1. Upload the WebSession file to the /a/ directory of your phone using P2KTools (or Motorola Explorere 0.93)

2. Assign the file the attribute "4" (System).

3. Restart the phone.

4. Go to the WebAccess menu and check that you have the below information:

MEdia Net websession settings
Name: MEdia Net
Homepage: http://home
Service Type 1: HTTP
Proxy 1:
Port 1: 80
Domain 1:
Service Type 2: HTTP
Proxy 2:
Port 2: 0
Domain 2:
DNS 1:
DNS 2:
Timeout: 15 minutes
CSD No. 1:
User Name 1:
Password 1:
Speed (Bps) 1: 14400
Line Type 1: ISDN
CSD No. 2:
User Name 2:
Password 2:
Speed (Bps) 2: 14400
Line Type 2: ISDN
GPRS APN: wap.cingular
Password: CINGULAR1 (will show as *********)

What to do for MMS settings:

1. Select Messages>Options>Setup>Message Setup>Multimedia Msg Setup>Server Info

2. Rename one of the servers to Cingular MMS and select it. You can delete any unwanted servers at this time.

3. Select Options>Edit for that server and input the following:
  • Service Name: Cingular MMS
  • Server Name:
  • Web Session Name: MEdia Net

4. Restart your phone.

Enjoy MEdia Net with the new KRZR K1!!!