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  1. is not me but i like to jump
    i'm the only one who jump in my country
  2. Is that you in the "jump" video???
  3. i'm good!
  4. How is everything max???
  5. Thanx maX
    well now i'm a modd i have to be online all the time

    maX i'll start upload things when i get my pc back
    becouse is still dead
    now i'm in a friend laptop
  6. Hey, it's good to see you tonight!
  7. Si el primer lugar no lo reclama pasa a ser del segundo lugar
  8. Pobre D&G solito en la oscuridad del sobre!!!!!!
  9. No Bad maX
    Con hambre de DG
    Al final q fin tubo ¿? todabia solito en esa bolsa ?
  10. Howz it goin' hey-man?
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