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  1. hey
    Maximus how are you ? !!
    I ask you to be friends ..
    Now i just want to put a thread but i told my self to ask you before .. i wanna ask that can i put or sync the cydia to the iphone by some way without to use the blackra1n or in other word without to
    gilbreak it ? !! cuz i just have an iphone and it is legal .. it dose not need to gailbreak it . but i need the cydia in it .. cuz you know there is no app or games you can download it without cydia ..
    so i'm asking you can we sync the cydia to the iphone without using the blackra1n ? !!
    pleas if you know i'n here waiting an answer .. !!!
  2. Hello Coder, welcome to iPhoneModding! Please stop by this thread to introduce yourself to the forum. Please do not PM me or the moderators for help, or post modding questions in the chatbox. Please post your questions in the forums and we will gladly assist you. If you receive this error "You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page." you may need to visit the activation link in the registration email. Thanks!
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