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  1. Have a very good Happy Birthday my friend!!
  2. Nice video!
  3. thanks boss for the oportunity
  4. Congrats!
  5. well, i'm gonna let it dry in rice for a hole day. i let you know tomorrow at night thanks boss
  6. Yeah, just stick it in there! Many people swear by the "rice" method! It should be immediately after it gets wet.
  7. thanks maX like always.i got a question: my wife drop the phone in a galss of water but she remove it very quickly.i got it now in rice to see if still working. you think i did it right???
  8. It's working!
  9. thanks maX. sorry i went to bed early. got a patient too early an far from my home
  10. Hey, it's good to see you tonight!
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