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  1. Yea I drop in when I can Work has slowed down a lot since we first got here so I have a little time to play. Good thing the proxy server doesn't block the site lol. Great job with all themes I wish I had time to try them out. I guess I will have plenty of time when I get back home.
  2. It's good to see you drop in when you can!
  3. Yep it was a great speech did you watch it?
  4. Bo Jackson...... now there's a name from the past!!
  5. Lol thanks
  6. Yea max everything is good. Just working a lot up here in connecticut. This cold weather is getting on my nerves to much snow and ice lol
  7. Hey, how's it going? Everything ok?
  8. You have a 100 picture limit!!!!
  9. MaX anyway you can up my space on the picture albums I am out of room :(
  10. Yea I guess we all felt that was at one time or another
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