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  1. There is a guide in the Guides section on jailbreaking 4.2.1 with greenpois0n. If you having any questions or issues, just post them in that thread. Good to see you back!
  2. Hi Max, it's been a while. I did upgrade to the 4. I'm trying to install 4.2.1 now so I can rejailbreak it.
  3. Hey Anthony, did you make the move to the iPhone 4 yet?
  4. Congrats! It's good to see you back!
  5. Hey Max, congrats on the site and Cydia! This is awesome. I've been in Vegas for a week for my 16th anniversary. I'm on cydia now checking out the store.
  6. Hey Anthony, how's it going?
  7. Hi Max, I"ll post it tonight. I havent gotten it to work to well.

  8. Thanks Anthony!! I've been wanting something like that! You should post that news in the iPhone also! I'm sure some others are dying for that program!
  9. Hi Maximus, I just downloaded a new app from the Apple Store called Fetch. This app is supposed to retrieve your MMS messages from I've gotten it to work twice out of the ten times that I've tried. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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