• How to install SemiTether for iOS 5 tethered boot

    The SemiTether jailbreak solution is a temporary solution for those users who are on a tethered jailbreak and their device suddenly reboots while being away from a computer. It will allow you to reboot with limited functionality until you can run redsn0w again and boot tethered. Until a permanent untethered jailbreak is discovered, this is the best solution available. After you have jailbroken your new bootrom iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G or 4G, or iPad 1, you'll want to install this app.

    Step 1
    Launch Cydia, click on Manage, Sources, then Edit. Until BigBoss adds the app to the main repository, you'll need to add the following repo:

    Step 2
    Select thebigboss.org repo.

    Step 3
    Select and install the app SemiTether.

    This will give you the ability to reboot with limited functionality in an emergency. Here is a summary of what you can and cannot do during the semitethered boot:
    1. Can use phone, sms (text messages)
    2. Can use every other stock app on iphone.
    3. Cannot use mobile safari
    4. Can use other appstore web browsers such as atomic web browser
    5. Cannot use mail app. You could install a gmail app from appstore or such instead.
    6. You cannot use any jailbreak tweak, app, cydia until you boot tethered.
    7. While in the semitether booted state, you should not add a jailbreak ios5 notification such as sbsettings to notifications during this state or your device will be stuck in a respring loop until you get home to “boot tethered”.
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