• Apple celebrates the 4th anniversary of the iPhone

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    Four years ago today, Apple released the first iPhone. It's been a long journey that has allowed us to see the iPhone reinvented 3 times since then, not to mention the various firmware releases and upgrades. The iPhone is probably one of the most revolutionary and memorable inventions of current times when it comes to technology.

    Mashable created the above graphic that gives a brief timetable of the history of the iPhone. Here's what they had to say:

    In four years, the iPhone has utterly transformed the mobile industry. One can debate how much Apple innovated versus refined when it comes to certain features (touchscreens and app stores existed before the iPhone), but when we look at the mobile industry, there is a very clear line between what happened before June 29, 2007, and what happened after. I would argue that every major smartphone that has gone into production since the iPhone's release has, in some way, been a response to the iPhone itself.
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