• iCloud: MobileMe and iTunes in the Cloud

    Apple is replacing it's failed MobileMe service with the new iCloud service. But iCloud doesn't just replace MobileMe. It does a host of other services, from the Cloud, and allows you to wireless update the same data across all of your devices, all for free. Here are some of the features:
    • Stores your music, videos and photos
    • Stores your contacts and calendars
    • Stores 5GB for free
    • Keeps track of your app purchase history
    • Compatible with iWorks
    • 3rd party API's available so that developers can benefit from the Cloud
    • Automatic daily backups of app data, device history, etc.
    • $25 per year iTunes Match, a service that reads your music and matches your library with songs offered by iTunes. This will avoid having to upload potentially thousands of songs. Only the few songs not offered would need to be uploaded.
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