• iOS 5 released: Top 10 of 200 new features according to Apple

    Today Steve Jobs of Apple, along with several different VP's, engineers, etc. announced the released of iOS5 for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3rd Generation and iPod Touch 4th Generation. There was no shortage of "oooing" and "ahhhh'ing" during the speech. Below is a run-down of the top 10 new features:

    1. Apple has dramatically improved the notifications system of iOS with the addition of the Notification Center. No more does one have to endure the annoying pop-ups that take you out of the app you are working on. Now you get a small ribbon at the top of any screen which alerts you of a notification. If you swipe straight down the screen, you will see all pending notifications. Best of all, you will get the notifications on your lockscreen and can swipe to view them!

    2. Newsstand was built to look very similar to iBooks except that it is for you magazines and newspapers that you subscribe to. You will get automatic updates of your periodicals as they are released.

    3. For the Twitter fans, iOS 5 will have firmware level support throughout. Now you can post images and videos directly to Twitter from the native iOS apps. There is even a Twitter name field in the contacts now.

    4. With a new Safari comes Reader, which will allow you to focus in on specific articles in Safari. You'll get a better view, font size, etc. It also comes with tabbed browsing with fast switching between tabs. And with the addition of the Reader List, you can save things you want to read and they will be updated and available across all your devices.

    5. The new Reminders app will allow you to keep lists of import to-do things. It can be synced across all your devices and is also "location aware" meaning if you put "buy a loaf of bread" on your list, you will be notified when passing a bakery or grocery store.

    6. The Camera app and Photos gets two very important updates. First of all, no longer is it cumbersome to get to the Photo app quickly when trying to take that perfect shot that will only last a moment. On the lockscreen, if you double-tap the Home button you will see a shortcut to the camera app next to the slider. The other update is a physcial button to take pictures. You can now take a picture using the volume-up key of the phone (but no you cannot adjust the volume with the on-screen shutter button)!

    7. The new Mail app comes with a few nice new features. You now have the option of Rich Text formatting, you can control the indentation of your text, you can drag email address between the "To", "CC" and "BCC" fields, message flaging is included and with the iPad you can swipe to open the Mail app.

    8. Since many people are going "computer-less", you will now have the ability to update iOS over the air or install all apps and app data over the air. This will make purchasing and setting up a new device a breeze. No more annoying "Connect to iTunes" when you turn on your new device. You'll get a welcome screen and you'll be able to sign in and download over the air.

    9. The improved Game Center has some much needed updates that users have been asking for recently. You can now earn achievement points, you have access to friends of friends, you can add a profile picture, and more.

    10. One of the most interesting new features is iMessage. It is a messaging-based feature that will allow all iOS 5 devices to communicate without buying expensive SMS or MMS messaging services from the various carriers. Best of all, your conversations will be synced across all your devices. How this will affect Apple's relationship with the various carriers will be interesting to see.
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    1. nsandymary's Avatar
      nsandymary -
      Few changes....same old apple!! I will try later!! Thanks Bosss like always for the info!!
    1. maXimus's Avatar
      maXimus -
      With each release, Apple is taking more ideas from the jailbreaking world. This is good because at the very least, we know that they are paying attention to what we need for our devices.
    1. nsandymary's Avatar
      nsandymary -
      That's true, every idea is already on cydia!!
    1. lemoon's Avatar
      lemoon -
      WOW, cool list of tops! same, Im so surprised and excited about the iOS 5 update! The iCloud is so cool, would be a amazing Media and Document storage and player, then maybe I don't need to do repeating conversion with my iFunia video converter to different device~
    1. maXimus's Avatar
      maXimus -
      I'm running it right now and love it.