• How to Fix ALL Installous Error

    Hi every one today we will explain how to fix all the problems

    We come to the first Error

    1:-API Error: API Unavailable

    Installous API Unavailable error means Installous is unable to communicate with Apptracker server. For those who don't know, Apptracker is a web-based version of Installous which allows you to download IPA files directly on your desktop PC or Mac.

    How to Fix:....?

    1. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi with an active internet connection.
    2. If your internet connection is working fine, open Apptrackr.org in your stock Safari browser. There is much possibility that your ISP has blocked this website to discourage you from downloading pirated apps.
    3. Apptracker website is down. You need to wait for few minutes before Apptracker server goes live again.
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      iOS4Me -
      You are welcome O Dear Leader
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      maXimus -
      What happened to the images iOS4Me?
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      Jimmy -
      Thank you for sharing thr information with us.
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      omegasus -
      thanks for sharing this guide ... and finally it work fine...
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      valleyboy22 -
      hi all,

      New to all this and installed installous on my 4s after jail broke it and when trying to download large files after a bit it comes up lost connection? Any help on this please to fix this?

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      Vineet Mehra -
      Does this Forum Support Piracy?