• iPhone 5 (4S?) case design?

    Alibaba is reporting a new case design for the redesigned iPhone 4(S?) or iPhone 5. As can be plainly seen from the image, the thin bezel lends to the belief that the new iPhone will have an edge-to-edge screen. From the back of the case, the flash has been relocated to the right side of the iPhone.

    Here are some specs from Alibaba about their case:
    1. 100% brand new high quality crystal case for iphone 5g
    2. Provides a comfortable grip, added protection against accidental drops
    3. Perfectly fits the iPhone 5g, easy to insert and remove
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      nsandymary -
      Honestly, looks the same to me!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by nsandymary View Post
      Honestly, looks the same to me!!
      You need glasses nsandy!

      The sides are much thinner which means the screen would extend to the edges of the iPhone. Also, on the back, the space for the flash is all the way to the right instead of being next to the camera.
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      I know Boss, it's that there's not a great changes on the phone. I think they will call this one the iphone 4S like they do with the 3G S!!!