• How to change the bootlogo with greenpois0n

    I just came across a thread at faq4mobiles.de written by AppZeit about how to change the boot logo on Greenpois0n jailbroken iPhones. He got 2 YouTube videos, but they are in german. As this is not very complicated I explain it just by text, but you are welcome to watch them.

    You will need:
    - a Greenpois0n jailbroken iPhone on 4.2.1
    - a free app from Cydia called "Apple Boot Logo" 1.1
    - FTP access to your iPhone
    - a suitable graphics software to create png files.

    1.) install "Apple Boot Logo" from Cydia! Once installed you can access it from within Settings. If you open the BootLogo menu, you will see 2 sections, "Built in" and "Extras". "Built in" contains the default Apple boot logo and the Cronic Dev bootlogo (this is the one Greenpois0n uses!). In the "Extras" section there is just one entry, "Apple", which is an apple rotating. Your own bootlogo animation will be shown here.

    2.) Create your own animation by making a new folder, let's say "MyLogo" and into that you have to place all your png files. Naming those png files is simple starting with 0 (zero), 1, 2, 3 ...., so it looks like 0.png, 1.png, 2.png, 3.png ... etc. I do not know how many you can add, but I made one with 20 png files and it works perfect.
    Now about the size, this is a tricky one as you can use 320x480, or 640x960 (iPhone4), but my first animation with 320x480 was sooo fast you hardly could see it, so I copied the "Apple" example from the "Extras" section and had a look at those, they were 427x640. OK so I started again with 427x640 and 20 png files, now animation is at a good speed. It could be that the iPhone has to resize each png file and that increases the animation speed, just my guess, but might be totally wrong..

    3.) Once you have done all your png files you need ftp connection to your iPhone and navigate to /Library/BootLogos. Inside /Library/BootLogos you will see the Apple folder, which is the "Apple" example from the "Extras" section. So copy your "MyLogo" folder into /Library/BootLogos. If you now open BootLogo in Settings you will see a new addition in the "Extras" section, called "MyLogo" (hope you see that the folder name is the name that gets displayed in the BootLogo-Extras menu!). Just select it, turn off your iPhone and power it back on.

    You will see the original Apple logo first for a few seconds, then your "MyLogo" animation should run, it will display the last png file untill the iPhone is ready to switch to the Lockscreen.
    As I was playing around with this I made an animation that lets the original Apple logo disapear before my custom greeting moves in. For that reason I attach the my first png file (0.png), which is a perfect match of the original Apple logo. If you start your animation with that png, fade it out, zoom out, whatever, then start your animation you will end up with a seamless change over from the original Apple logo to your boot logo animation.

    I uploaded 0.png, but it attached as 0.jpg, so you have to convert it back to 0.png.
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