• Verizon rumored to announce iPhone January 11, 2011

    Verizon is holding a special event on January 11, 2011 and the rumor mill has it that they will finally be announcing the long awaited Verizon iPhone. Most all of the heavy-hitting iPhone/Apple writers, bloggers and reporters have been invited to the event except for one notable difference.
    It appears that Gizmodo has not been invited to Verizon's big event. Because of this, and other reasons, it's believed that the launch of the Verizon iPhone will take place. As you may remember, it was Gizmodo that released coverage of the "lost" iPhone 4 prototype. They haven't been invited to any Apple event ever since although they have always shared a good relation wtih Verizon.

    We'll have to see on Tuesday!
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      Awesome!! What do you think Boss? It worth switch to verizon??
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      Read this, maybe could help.

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      Thanks Ruben but I updated your link.