• Creating icons for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad theme using stock icons

    One of the most time consuming parts of creating custom icons for your theme is collecting the stock icons that you might use in order to fabricate your new icons. In order to help make things a little easier, I have collected over 150 original app icons that can be used to help you create your new icons.

    This list will hopefully grow over time. If you have any stock icons that are not here, please add them to the thread and I will add them to the zip file. You may need to use fixpngWindows to flip the channels before posting. Please only post the original icon and not someone else's version of it.

    You'll notice that the majority of the icons are 57x57 and are square in shape. The iPhone is designed to take those icons, round the edges and add the glare for a final size of 59x60.

    Here is a current list:

    AIM Free, Air Sharing, Amazon.com, American, AnalyticsPro, App Store, Apple Store, Baby Scratch, Balance, BBC News, Bible, Bing, BofA, Bump, Calculator, Calendar, Camera+, Camera, Clock, CNET News, Comcast, Compass, Contacts, Convert, Cro-Mag, Cydia, Dictionary, Discovery, DreamChronicles, Earth3D, eBay, eBuddy, Emoji Free, Epic Citadel, Facebook, Fandango, Firefox Home, Flashlight, Flixster, foursquare, FOX News, Free Wi-Fi, fring, Game Center, GEICO, Go Daddy, GolfLogix, Google Earth, Google, GV Mobile +, HBO, Home3D, i.TV, iBlacklist, iBooks, iCall, IMDb, Installous, iPod, iTunes, JCPenney, Kindle, Kmart2go, Labyrinth 2 Lite, Labyrinth 2, Labyrinth LE, Labyrinth, Layar, LinkedIn, Loopt, Mail, Maps, Meebo, Messages, Messenger, Michelangelo, MIM, MobileFiles, ModMyi, msnbc.com, Music, MySpace, myWireless, NASA, Netflix, Nike, Notes, NYTimes, Opera Mini, Pandora, PayPal, Phone, Photos, Pizza Hut, PowerLight, PS Express, QR app, Rebtel, RecipeFinder, RecipeShaker, redbox, RedLaser, Remote, Rhapsody, RunKeeper, Safari, SBSettings, ScoreCenter, Sears2go, Seesmic, Settings, Signal, Skype, Slacker, SoundHound, Spanish LE, Speed Test, Sportacular, Stocks, StoneLoops!, StumbleUpon, Tango, Tapatalk, Target, TerminatorLT, The Onion, TMZ, Translator, TUAW, Tumblr, TV.com, Tweetaholic, Twitter, UDID, UnblockMeFree, Units, Univision, Unrestrictor, Urbanspoon, US - Canada, USA TODAY, Videos, VM Viewer, Voice Memos, Weather, White House, Wikipedia, WildWest, Winterboard, WordPress, WSJ, Y! Messenger, Yahoo!, YouTube, Zoosk

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      nsandymary -
      Thanks maX, very handy!!
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      maXimus -
      My pleasure!
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      InsecureSpike -
      thanks mate, i can start skinning,
      and get the most part of it done for iOS 4.3
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      maXimus -
      Can't wait!
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      iOS4Me -
      Thank you bro Good work