• Saurik releases a new Cydia version 1.0.3366-1

    Saurik has announced the release of a new version of Cydia that reportedly is much faster than the earlier version and may still have more tricks up it's sleeve in the near future. Saurik says that he isn't done improving it yet and will have more surprises to come with the release of the final version.

    The new Cydia is included in the latest version of Redsn0w but if you haven't used that version yet, you can get it from the iPhoneModding repo right now.
    List of improvements according to ModMyi:
    ● reduced loading changes time
    ● section remapping optimizations
    ● faster reloading data
    ● faster, native search
    ● uses public SDK classes whenever possible
    ● rewritten, faster web views with zooming support
    ● changes badge works again
    ● more stable webviews (no crashes when queueing)
    ● redesigned settings page
    ● redesigned stashing page
    ● faster scrolling of table views
    ● bug fixes
    ● ads no longer break the package views until restart
    ● much better queueing UI
    ● stabler refreshing bar

    iPad improvements:
    ● landscape
    ● popovesr
    ● modal views that cover only a portion of the screen
    ● less annoying errors with bad internet connections downloading packages
    ● updated section mappings, less typo'd sections
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    1. m3suka's Avatar
      m3suka -
      Very fast! Best Cydia yet. =P
    1. nsandymary's Avatar
      nsandymary -
      Thanks Boss, downloading now!!
    1. Coder's Avatar
      Coder -
      Amazing ! ..
      Thank you maximus !
    1. Rasputin007's Avatar
      Rasputin007 -
      Yes it is faster, however I enjoyed not seeing those "upgrade" badges, now I have those red dot starring into my face and I can not get rid of them as there is an upgrade which I do not want to install.