• Cydia and Rock app: The union of the Jaibreak app.stores

    Yes, They got married! Well, sort of!
    This two big providers of Non-Apple apps decided to merge in order to continue with their
    common goal: Continue to provide the jailbreak community with the best apps.

    Jay "Saurik" Freeman posted on Cydia:
    The key thing to realize is that Intelliborn, the company that brought you such products as IntelliScreen and MiWi, are the same developers who created Rock Your iPhone.
    Unfortunately, due to some early miscommunication, rather than us being in a position where we were cooperating on platforms like Cydia, we ended up spending most of our time competing with each other over the course of the last two years.
    This was not good: Rock ended up wasting a ton of effort implementing Cydia, while SaurikIT got dragged into an "apps battle" to compete with the Rock exclusives from Intelliborn.
    The primary goal of this new world, then, is to put everyone "back on task", with a true collaboration rather than this incessant competition.
    So, this is great news for all of us for our jaibroken iDevices and the rest of the world!!

    Long life to Saurik and Mario Ciabarra (Rock Your iPhone CEO) and thanks for bringing to us such great apps and themes!!

    via Redmond Pie
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    1. maXimus's Avatar
      maXimus -

      Great news! This is what I saw when opening Cydia yesterday. I'm glad the two will be collaborating rather than competing. It's best for all of these developers to work together rather than against each other. It should mean better apps and a better platform for us all.
    1. klassik562's Avatar
      klassik562 -
      wat i dont understand iz y do we still have to pay for apps on jailbroken iphones i mean cmon 20 buckz for tha new miwi thatz wack but a small price 2 pay none the less for great appz themes and customizeable widgetz congratulationz cydia & rock on ur marrriage after a long bitter relationship wit each other, have lotz of tweakz, widgetz, and theme babys!!!
    1. maXimus's Avatar
      maXimus -
      Hopefully the added exposure for the Rock paid apps will mean lower prices. Before, you had to manually install Rock to see those apps but now they will be automatically seen by the whole jailbreak community.
    1. nsandymary's Avatar
      nsandymary -
      Let's hope they low the price. I know a programmer deserve
      the money but he has to vthink, lower the pay, more customers!!