• Auto 3G: Extend your battery life for 4, 3G S and 3G

    Here's a new app. available by the name of Auto3G on Big Boss repository, this app basically turns off the 3G radio and switches to 2G (EDGE) when you lock your phone, and turns it back on as soon as you slide-to-unlock your phone again. Obviously, you need your phone be JB and have 3G to use it.

    Requires iPhone with 3G
    Auto3G extends your battery life by automatically turning off the 3G radio (leaving on the 2G radio) when you lock your iPhone and automatically turning on the 3G radio when you unlock your iPhone. This way you always have the speed of 3G when you need it without the battery loss.
    As explained by Apple, this results in up to 100% greater battery life: 7 hours of talk time on 3G, 14 hours of talk time on 2G. (apple.com/batteries/iphone.HTML)
    Use the Auto3G icon to change settings
    Auto3G can be downloaded via BigBoss repo on Cydia for $5.99.
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    1. maXimus's Avatar
      maXimus -
      I know what you mean overjjrk. I was ready to jump on it but then saw the $5.99 price tag. I don't mind paying a couple of dollars to support developers working outside of the App Store but that's an App Store price.
    1. nsandymary's Avatar
      nsandymary -
      Exactly!! I don't have 3G because I'm on T-Mo but, I think is
      like you said, app store price.....a little bit expensive.