• Remove all apps from the task switcher by BigBoss (SBSettings Addon)

    Ever since iOS 4.0 was released we all started enjoying the multitasking feature, and iPhone experience was never the same again. However very quickly I realized that sometimes I would open my background app switcher and realized I have 20 sometimes more apps open in the background.

    Well now there was a task of clearing the background one app at the time. Kind of boring and time consuming task.

    Well the other day, playing around Cydia, I have found this really great SBSettings add-on that allows you to kill all the apps in your background with one click. Brought to you by none other but the BigBoss.

    I've been using it for about a week and it works great.

    Here is how you get it:

    1. Launch Cydia
    2. If you don't have it installed yet, Install SBSettings and learn how it works. I'm pretty sure that everyone on this forum knows how to use it, if not, I'll let moderator link this to the instructions.
    3. Search for "Remove Background" SBSetting

    4. Install it, and you are done.
    Launch SBSettings and click on Remove BG.

    This will clear out all your background app and save some time and batter life in process.

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    1. overjjrk's Avatar
      overjjrk -
      Got it, tested it, love it! Great time-saver, and it actually frees up more ram than manually shutting down the individual processes.