• An email to Steve Jobs and a surprising response!

    I emailed Steve Jobs. I didn't expect much in return. I got more than I expected!

    Let me back up. A couple of weeks ago I switched to the iPhone 4. I was so excited to get my hands on it that I decided to port my number to AT&T and sell my beloved factory-unlocked 3GS. So I got my new phone, and the honeymoon was over quickly. From dropped calls to sporadic service to finally getting the "No SIM Installed" error. I had enough. So I sat down in front of my brand new 15.4" MacBook Pro and composed an email to Mr. Jobs.

    Here is the email I sent:

    First off, I've tasted the Apple Kool-Aid, and it tastes good. I'm writing this on my shiny new 2010 15" MBP. I've had an iPod since inception and every iPhone since 2007.

    Sadly, my new iPhone 4 that I waited three weeks for and even bought after being laid off is going back. Why? I don't need to tell you why. You know why. The screen is amazing, the new features are second to none. And yet, it stinks as a phone. I knew of the "Death Grip" issue from day one. I read. A lot. And I bought a case for it before I even owned the device. Sadly, it still drops calls. Lots of calls. My factory-unlocked 3GS that I purchased from eBay (for $800 nonetheless) worked like a charm on T-Mobile's "inferior" network. In the 3 days that I've owned my fancy new iPhone 4 I've had no less than 6 dropped calls. Mind you, these dropped calls were from my house which has full AT&T bars (I'm at home all the time now because I'm unemployed in case you missed it). I wanted to live with it, really. But today I got the "No SIM Installed message". I Google'd it, from my trusty MBP. And I'll be darned if I didn't find page after page of people having the same issue. After waiting three weeks, I can't even comprehend taking this back only to be told that Apple will be in touch when a replacement is available. I'm desperately looking for work, and I HAVE to have a reliable phone to communicate with potential employers.

    The first iPhone was a home run. You guys knocked it out of the park. Well worth standing in line for.
    The 3G and 3GS were great upgrades. Well worth standing in line for.
    The iPhone 4 is a failure, hardware-wise. Not worth standing in line for. Not worthy of the "iPhone" name or the the "iPhone" legacy.

    You're better than this, Mr. Jobs. I know you are. Do the right thing, for my sake as well as the millions of others that believe in you.

    Again, I didn't think I would get a response. It was just my way of venting.

    To my surprise, I received a phone call the very next day from Apple's Customer Relations department. The lady I spoke with (I'm going to withhold her name) proceeds to tell me that she was instructed by Mr. Jobs to follow up with me regarding my email. She said he was very concerned about my experience with the iPhone 4 and wanted to make sure I was taken care of fully. Apple was sending me two brand new iPhones immediately and paying to ship back the old ones. Within a matter of a few days, I had two brand new iPhones in sealed boxes arrive at my doorstep even though they are still sold out in my area! The lady that called me originally gave me her direct line and even called me the day after my new phones arrived to make sure I was happy and everything was OK.

    I am amazed. Really. I composed an email out of frustration to one of the most well-known people in the world and he took the time to read it AND make sure that I was taken care of.

    Mr. Jobs, my sincerest gratitude to you and your company.
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