• Icon Battery Pack for iPhone

    There are iPhone battery packs, then there is "the icon" battery pack. No other battery pack design on the market can hold a candle to "the icon". The battery pack was inspired specifically by the battery icon on the iPhone with it's award winning design.

    "the icon" uses EL film on its front panel to clearly display the power status. It charges your iPhone while connected, then shows you the remaining power when the iPhone is disconnected. Even better, it is licensed and certified "Work with iPhone" by Apple.

    The features include:
    • Iconic Design and entitled Good Design Product
    • Extend iPhone talk time up to 3 hours, and audio play back up to 18 hours
    • Featuring EL Technology as power status indicator
    • Compact, easy to use, User friendly design
    • Use high safety Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
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    1. nsandymary's Avatar
      nsandymary -
      Thanks Boss for this!!
    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -
      Looks ridiculously HUGE!!
    1. maXimus's Avatar
      maXimus -
      Hopefully that equates to lots of "juice"!!
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      Anthony00814 -
      The Icon Battery Pack for iPhone matches the uber-sophistication of Apple and delivers the added bite with its arresting “battery power” status. It uses EL lighting technology for advertence the ability cachet on its affectation and looks absolutely swank. Features cover added allocution time of up to 3 hours, or audio playback up to 18 hours.