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04-17-2008, 07:29 PM
Credit goes to glen.tw of Hackint0sh

To install language to iphone, just launch iLangs.bat and select the language you want.
Note that only English, zh_TW, German, Spanish, Italian, zh_CN, and Portuguese are valid in the language selection for this archive.
For other languages, you need to create it yourself under ./languagespack folder.

Here is the screen shots of iLanguage batch.

http://www.postimage.org/aV2jWjWS.jpg (http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=aV2jWjWS)

If you see error message like this
"Problem registering main callback: -402653180"
you need to reboot your computer and iphone first. And do it again.

*1: The chinese characters are messages from OS.
*2: You need to jailbreak your iPhone first.
*3: This may not work under iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 since the file structure might change a lot.

DOWNLOAD (http://www.motomoddinguk.info/files/files/iLanguage_v0.6.3.rar)

This has worked for me. Here's how I do it with iLiberty+
1. Open iLiberty+ and go to advanced tab
2. On the bottom, you should see Local Payloads tab. Click there and select "International Support for iPhone 1.1.4"
2a. If it's not there, just go to "Available on Repo" tab to download the payload.
3. Proceed with Unlock/Jailbreak/Activate. (You can add any payloads you want along with this)
4. Run iLangs.bat and wait for it to finish the operation. Follow instructions on screen!
4a. International Support already has English, Portuguese, French and German installed so if that's all you need, then you don't need to run iLangs.bat anymore
To change the language, just go to Settings->General->International->Language


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Nice bit of info. vermsky....Thanks

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