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03-04-2008, 11:19 PM
One of the greatest “new” features for the V3i (iTunes or non-iTunes) was Motorola’s Speaker Independent Voice Recognition.
By the press of a button - Smart Key on (open) Handset, Call button on Wired or Bluetooth Headset – a Voice will utter prompts which match the message displayed on both inner and outer screens.

These voice prompts are spoken in a language which coincides with the Language Pack (LP) or Packs stored in the phone. The Voice Dial function requires at least one set of four (4) files to be in the folder c/mobile/vst.

A basic set of vst files will be comprised of:
- where ** is the numeric code for a specific language. For example, for US English, ** must be 01 in every instance; for Russian, ** must be 23, and so on. The current vst file sets can be viewed and downloaded at PlanetMotox.net.

It appears that with the exception of the PR file, the other files are dynamic and related to Training of the function, names voice-dialed from phonebook and perhaps more. Other files will appear in the vst folder as the phone creates them.

The "PR" file appears to have one function only; to utter the PRompts that the user hears.

Therefore, if you understand the spoken PRompts (or can remember the sequence) it is possible to make it appear as if the phone recognizes a language - the language spoken by you - which is entirely different to the one uttered by the PRompt voice.

A word of caution: Do not delete all of the files in the vst folder. If the phone finds the folder empty, it will delete the folder. So far, the only way to recover the folder is through a flash/reflash. Backup of vst files (any files) is always recommended, but if you lose the vst folder, backed-up files cannot be immediately restored.

So with the understanding of the preceding, it should be apparent as to how to customize the Voice you hear. (Not the “voices” you hear, that’s an entirely different issue. :) )
1. Download and unpack the vst file pack for the language you want to hear.
(Download links to different vst file sets are below.)
2. Open the c/mobile/vst folder with P2KTools and examine the contents. (There may be more than one “set” of the four files described above.)
3. Determine which file – PR_00**.def - you wish to replace, and copy it to a safe place on your PC.
4. From the previously downloaded set, make a copy of the PR_00**.def file.
(This step is optional. You could use the downloaded file. I just like to keep “sets” intact.)
5. Re-name this downloaded file to replicate the name of the phone’s PR file that you saved.
6. Copy this re-named file to the c/mobile/vst folder using P2KCommander or P2KTools.
(If you prefer you can delete the phone PR file first, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.)
7. Cycle the phone’s power and test it out.

Here was my test. I copied the re-named French (originally 'PR_0006.def' - re-named to 'PR_0001.def') file over the 'PR0001.def' file..... the commands where in French but the screen display was still English and it completely recognized "Digit Dial" when I spoke in English, and perfectly dialed the telephone number I asked for. Copying the "true" PR0001.def returned prompts to US English.

VST (v3i) - French (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/motorola/vstfiles/v3i/French.rar)
VST (v3i) - Spanish (Amer) (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/motorola/vstfiles/v3i/Spanish_(Amer).rar)
VST (V3i) - Portuguese (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/motorola/vstfiles/v3i/Portuguese.rar)
VST (v3i) - Mandarin (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/motorola/vstfiles/v3i/Mandarin.rar)
VST (V3i) - US English (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/motorola/vstfiles/v3i/US_English.rar)

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