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02-19-2008, 02:03 PM
Guide how to edit mma_ucp and have 12 Icons instead of 9

Editing the mma_ucp to have 12 Icons insted of 9 (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%2012%20Icons%20instead%20of%209/Guide%2012%20Icons%20instead%20of%209_skin.swf)

http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/2504/ms1oe8.th.pnghttp://img110.imageshack.us/img110/3937/menumakergr7.th.gif (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%2012%20Icons%20instead%20of%209/Guide%2012%20Icons%20instead%20of%209_skin.swf)

How to port a V3 skin 176 x 220 to be used in a Z3 or K1

How to port a V3 Skin to a Z3 or K1 (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%20how%20to%20port%20V3%20Skin%20to%20a%20Z3% 20or%20K1/Guide%20how%20to%20port%20V3%20Skin%20to%20a%20Z3% 20or%20K1_skin.swf)

http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/2706/skinnerfor1050gw3.th.jpg (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%20how%20to%20port%20V3%20Skin%20to%20a%20Z3% 20or%20K1/Guide%20how%20to%20port%20V3%20Skin%20to%20a%20Z3% 20or%20K1_skin.swf)

This will help us with the basics on how to have a 14 icons Skin by Benavima I did the animation only we hope it helps

Guide how to patch a skin to 14 icons (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%20patch%2014%20Icons/Guide%20patch%2014%20icons_skin.swf)

http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/463/skinmanhi8.th.gif (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%20patch%2014%20Icons/Guide%20patch%2014%20icons_skin.swf)

Guide about how to use the Emulator

Guide how to use the Emulator and see if the game is compatible with my phone (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/How%20to%20use%20the%20emulator/Guide%20Emulador%20for%20Motorola_skin.swf)

http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/6883/moto4xo8.th.png (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/How%20to%20use%20the%20emulator/Guide%20Emulador%20for%20Motorola_skin.swf)

02-19-2008, 02:26 PM
Guide on how to use motospeed and SBF-Recalc to speed up our DRM
How to use Motospeed and SBF-Recalc (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%20how%20to%20SBF%20and%20Motospeed/SBF%20and%20Motospeed_skin.swf)

http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/2504/sbfrecalcpi5.th.gifhttp://img249.imageshack.us/img249/3707/motospeedkf7.th.gif (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%20how%20to%20SBF%20and%20Motospeed/SBF%20and%20Motospeed_skin.swf)

Guide bout how to edit web sessions with P2K Tools VS
Guide about editing WEB sessions with P2KToolsVS (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/How%20to%20edit%20or%20delete%20websessions/Guide%20how%20to%20delete%20Websessions_skin.swf)

http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/2504/ms1oe8.th.png (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/How%20to%20edit%20or%20delete%20websessions/Guide%20how%20to%20delete%20Websessions_skin.swf)

How to create a cl.gif and change it in a V3 (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%20crear%20cl.gif%20y%20cambiarle%20en%20V3/Guia%20crear%20Cl.swf)

http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/6412/clts6.th.gif (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%20crear%20cl.gif%20y%20cambiarle%20en%20V3/Guia%20crear%20Cl.swf)

How to change the keymap (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%20to%20change%20the%20keymap/Guide%20to%20change%20the%20Keymap_skin.swf)

http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/7522/foto2wl5.th.jpg (http://www.maximus.ws/forum/files/swfguides/Guide%20to%20change%20the%20keymap/Guide%20to%20change%20the%20Keymap_skin.swf)

02-20-2008, 03:37 AM
How to edit Language packs to display
customized text...

Open the LP you want to customize and
edit with SBF-ReCalc 1.2.4.
Get It Here (http://www.motomoddinguk.info/files/programs/SBF-Recalc%201.2.4.rar)
Click on the Open Flash-File button and select
the LP you want to edit.

After LP is open in SBF - ReCalc
click on Split Flash-File and it
will split the file so you can access
the CG 4

Now open Moto Lang Editor by iceman at MotoFan.Ru
Get It Here (http://www.motomoddinguk.info/files/programs/MotoLangEditor.rar)
and click
on File>Open lanpackfile

A window will open...then select your
CG4 file & click on open as seen here:


Click on the Strings tab next to Font and
select the Language in the pack you want
to edit and it will appear in the lower box
as seen here it says 0001 Memory Full etc..
This is where the editing will take place...


I want to change the text display "Charging"
to read "Rejuvenating"
By counting in hex I scroll down and
look for code 044D and highlight it

You will see the text "Charging" in a separate box
below without the hex box as seen here:


Delete "Charging" and type in whatever you want
to appear when your phone is connected and charging
I chose "Rejuvenating" this time, as seen here:

When finished typing click on any other hex selection
and your new text will appear


Now go to 0061 which reads "Charging Battery"
and type the same exact thing you did before
for me its "Rejuvenating" and click on another
hex number and it will change to your
customized tag..

I also changed code 005E "Charge Complete"
to say "MotoGoddess" when it is on the
charger and is finished charging

The possibilities are endless, be creative
the list of codes runs from 0001 to 2CE2
and are included in this text file at the
bottom of this post..

When you are done editing your LP in Moto Lang
Editor click on
Font tab then
Save langpack and it will read Langpack successfully
save at the bottom

Open SBF - ReCalc click on "Open CG-Folder"
>ReCalc Checksum>then
Create SBF-File when Calculate Checksum is Done
When it reads "Creating SBF-File...Done
you are ready to flash your customized and
edited LP to your phone.

Connect your phone with USB cable,
Open flashing program, I use Flash and Backup 3
select Write Data>Select Flash File>a window will
open then navigate to the
the SBF-FlashFile Folder as seen here:


Open SBF-FlashFile folder and your edited
LP should appear as a .sbf file as seen here:

Open your LP and then click on Write Data..
and your newly edited LP will flash to your
phone and your done...Enjoy!!

After Makeover shots:

Get the codes for editing tags Here (http://www.motomoddinguk.info/files/English%20LP%20Code%20List.zip)

02-20-2008, 08:25 AM
Great additions Steph!!!!!! :)