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01-15-2009, 11:14 PM
UPDATE - 16th Jan 2009

For those experiencing ANY difficulty or error messages (there are a small minority) we have a FIX and will be updating the repository after we have worked thru the night to rectify.

However.... it works!!

http://www.androidfanatic.com/cms/components/com_fireboard/template/default/images/english/emoticons/tongue.png Actually the installer still works, just throws an error due to a missing quote, but we are getting flak, we will be updating the download link within 12 hours so it no longer throws this error. To those that have already downloaded - the error is purely cosmetic. Just type 'bootdeb'!!!


I have created and installer and bootloader (download below) for getting Debian running on your Android (G1 at the moment) device, the whole install process will take you about 10 mins, and leaves you with access to the full plethora of programs available in Debian and let's you continue using your phone as it was intended to be: as an Android device with all the capabilities thereof.

I have modified things to make it an easier process for you guys.

Please note that this is not a port: Debian already supports ARM EABI, which is the underlying architecture of Android.

Here's what it looks like running:




NOTE: If you already have ROOT access to your device AND Busybox installed, you can TOTALLY IGNORE these pre-requisites.

Pre-Req 1). You are gonna need ROOT Easiest and best way for 'continued root' is to get JesusFreke's modded firmware: http://androidfanatic.com/cms/community-forums.html?func=view&id=219&catid=9

Pre-Req 2). You are also gonna need 'BusyBox' installed, that's another easy one, click here for how to do that: http://androidfanatic.com/cms/community-forums.html?func=view&catid=9&id=228

Download and Instructions:

1). Download the installer package here:
http://www.androidfanatic.com/cms/unofficial-app-repo.html?func=fileinfo&id=13 NOTE: I have it hosted at MegaUpload in order to save bandwidth here.

2. Unzip the Installer Package on your computer.

3. Copy the 'debian' folder to the root of your SDCARD.

4. Use Terminal (you can download it from Android market direct from your device) to go to the newly formed /sdcard/debian folder.

cd /sdcard/debian

5. As root make the files executable by typing:

chmod 4755 *

6.as root (or su) run the installer like this:

su ./installer.sh


From terminal just type 'bootdeb' to mount and boot your Debian system.

When you want to exit back out just type 'exit'

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01-29-2009, 05:59 PM
This actually makes sense now that MrBucket has helped me with Linux!! It's time to get a G1! :cheers:

01-29-2009, 06:35 PM
This actually makes sense now that MrBucket has helped me with Linux!! It's time to get a G1! :cheers:
Iono...To me it just seems like a waste. In order to fully take advantage of the fact that the PhoneOS is open source, you need to have a good understanding of the terminal and how to modify code...which I know I don't

besides the iPhone can do most if not more