View Full Version : Changing out BL for a LP??

12-17-2008, 10:26 PM
What I've done so far...

1. DL ->> R261171LD LP0039 (does it need to be LP0055??)

2. Split w/ sbf-recalc

3. Rename my stock RAM DL sames as RAM DL from new LP

4. Delete RAM DL from new LP & substitute in (renamed) stock RAM DL

5. Recomplie parts with sbf-recalc

6. Flash to phone w/ RSD-Lite 4.3

Flash fails... some error about X8.D0 or something (forgot to write it down in panic)
Ph reboots w/ stock LP still intact... Using this file here =>> R261171LD_LP0039_XenoMorph_by_kent_lkc.sbf

Another file I tried =>> V6Maxx_R261171LD_LP0039_Enigmatic_2_Unicode_by_Sem seddin.sbf
Gives me the font... but I cant access My Files or Organiser and Tools??!!

Which piece of the puzzle am I missing

Anyone fill me in on how to change RAM DL correctly so I can stick a R261171LD LP/Font onto my K3??

ty in advance

12-18-2008, 12:10 AM
What are you trying to do exactly, convert font made for another phone for your phone?

12-19-2008, 07:29 PM
What are you trying to do exactly, convert font made for another phone for your phone?

My ph is R261171LD with LP0055...

Someone has told me that you can change out CG4.smg from one LP0055 and replace my stock CG4.smg from my LP0055 to give me a new font...

Have managed to get a LP0039 font that I changed the RAM DL to my stock version to almost work on my phone... ph restarted, font was there, but I couldnt access My Files or Calendar...

So in retrospect...

trying following:

Procedure 1:
* split my stock CG4... (LP0055)
* split custom LP0055... & extract CG4.smg
* Take cutsom CG4.smg, rename it to stock CG4.smg name
* Insert newly named CG4.smg into stock LP0055 (CG4)
* Recompile CG4.sbf to SHX (also tried @ this point recalc sums <<= didnt fix problem)
* Flash with SDL 4.3

SDL 4.3 gives me the following HAB error 0X8D... ph gives me Critical Error DEA1...

In other procedure I change the RAM DL (only) from custom LP0055...

This is the way that almost worked (as described earlier) so Im thinking there must be a way for this to work... Dont have Net 2.2 installed... so 3G Font Tool wont work + a guide I've read on editng a LP to make new font for 3G ph seems very complicated... Just trying to make things easier...