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06-09-2008, 01:44 AM

Let me tell you that today was a terrible day, just because i was watching a movie in the bedroom laydown over my bed ( like everybody else ) my iphone was in my pocket and when i take it out it was weird because it shows a freaking BLACK SCREEN, and it was like line between lines, i was really like "wtf" i crack or brake my iphone? them.. i connect it to my pc and ziphone recognize it but itunes didnt...

So i was like... "OMG my iphone is dead" ... them i decide to look over forums and i found this..

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This are the steps when your iphone is DEATH!!!!!!!!!
1. Put your iphone in the dock, with the USB cable disconnected from your computer.

2. Make sure the phone is off (The only way I got the phone to turn off is to hold the power button + the home button for like 15 seconds)

3. Once you know the phone is off, press and hold the HOME button then plug in the USB cable to your computer, keep holding the HOME button the whole time.

4. Next it should put a Yellow Triangle on your iphone and it should say "connect to itunes".

5. Now restore your phone, and you should be GOOD TO GO!


I didnt restart it what i did it was with ziphone boot it again... and it really works.. so i didnt have to restore but looking forward and i hope that this post help somebody else...

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Credit All goes to Apple Support and me for typing this up. Haha

06-09-2008, 10:38 AM
so you don't need help?

06-17-2008, 08:26 PM
No thankz, just posting to see if anyone need that kind of help...

06-18-2008, 04:51 PM
Good information
Thanks for post this here

I sure that this will help somebody else

06-18-2008, 06:38 PM
now that i think about it, when iTunes doesn't recognize your iPhone, all you need to do is restart the mobiledevice and the ipodservice, services on your computer and that generally does the trick

as far as the blinking lines go did you do a reboot before you reziphoned it

06-25-2008, 02:17 AM
how to Put iphone in the dock

06-25-2008, 04:13 PM
how to Put iphone in the dock

make sure charging port and dock are aligned. put iphone over the dock and slowly plug it in.

06-25-2008, 09:51 PM
Good info XtrlRulz! :cheers:

07-10-2008, 04:06 AM
nice share thanks lot,,,,,,,,