View Full Version : Swiss man soars above Alps with jet-powered wing

05-15-2008, 09:51 AM
I have to get me one of these!!!!!!!!!! :cool:


"BEX, Switzerland A Swiss pilot strapped on a jet-powered wing and leaped from a plane Wednesday for the first public demonstration of the homemade device, turning figure eights and soaring high above the Alps.

Yves Rossy (http://www.jet-man.com/prod/index_en.html)'s performance in front of the world press capped five years of training and many more years of dreaming.

"This flight was absolutely excellent," the former fighter pilot and extreme sports enthusiast said after touching down on an airfield near the eastern shore of Lake Geneva.

Rossy, 48, had stepped out of the Swiss-built Pilatus Porter aircraft at 7,500 feet and unfolded the rigid eight-foot wings strapped to his back before jumping.

Passing from free fall to a gentle glide, Rossy then triggered four jet turbines and accelerated to 186 miles per hour, about 65 miles per hour faster than the typical falling skydiver. A plane that flew at some distance beside him measured his speed."

Read the full story (http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/2008-05-14-swiss-fusion-man_N.htm)

05-15-2008, 01:10 PM
Lol sounds like fun count me in for 1 also:D

05-15-2008, 01:37 PM
I hope we get the live feed from his English channel crossing attempt! :cool:

05-15-2008, 08:24 PM
Wow that so cool
i want one too !

05-15-2008, 09:23 PM
I would love to have one too!!

05-15-2008, 11:32 PM
I can see it now... a new game where players wearing these get into dogfights.

Ahh, everything old is new again. Where's Snoopy and the Red Baron?

05-15-2008, 11:59 PM
We're going to need floating traffic lights soon!!!!! :cool:

05-18-2008, 09:07 AM
It's for you, but I don't care for it thanks :lol:

05-18-2008, 10:10 AM
I like excitement and adrenaline!!! :cool: