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08-07-2015, 10:46 PM
How to detect spy apps for mobile phones on Android device?

If you encounter one of the following signs, your Android device likely has been infected with malicious code or mobile spy app (http://mxspy.com/):
– Battery drains quickly: If you find that the device’s battery life regularly drains faster, with the exception of damaged battery,user may think about the possibility of malicious apps infiltrating and running in the underground system, which makes battery end quickly. The user should access the section “Battery Management” on the Android device to know the apps use battery most. If there is a suspicious app, you should quickly remove it from the device .
– Regularly receive / send data when having Internet connection: if the device has an Internet connection, even if you do not use any Internet – connected app (web browser, Facebook app …) nor upgrade process on the device, but there still is the sent / received dataon the device, maybe the Android deviceis installed the whatsapp spy (http://mxspy.com/) and this app is sending / receiving secretdata from outside without the user’s knowledge.
– Run more slowly: the android spy (http://mxspy.com/) typically runs on the underground of device as background processes. Hence, if the spyware has invaded the inside system, it will account for an amount of system resources (CPU, RAM, …) to work constantly and track the user.


So if you feel the Android device often runs sluggishly despite some of removed apps, consider the possibility of call recording (http://mxspy.com/) installed in your device.