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  1. Installer Lockdown 3.0
  2. [Cydia] Snapture 2.0 for Iphone2.x Firmware
  3. Categories 2.00b for firmware 2.0.x BETA TESTING
  4. [Installer] Kate 2.0 final release
  5. Cydia dTunes iPod player alternative and Media downloader for Iphone
  6. [AppStore] Air Sharing Wireless drive on any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.
  7. Cydia CopieriN: a new copy/paste app.
  8. App Store FlyCast Challenges Satellite Radio with iPhone App
  9. App Store SuperPong 2 Lite (FREE)
  10. App Store Get Extra Sleep with iNap
  11. App Store Official 'Lightsaber Unleashed' Now Available
  12. Cydia Veency Remote Desktop Server for iPhone
  13. Cydia PdaNet Turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi Router
  14. Cydia AptBackup Takes Backup of Jailbreak Apps
  15. Cydia iPhone Backgrounder: Force multiple apps to run at once
  16. App Store RjDj (sound recorder/processor)
  17. App Store Trapster Alerts iPhone Users of Speed Traps, Red Light Cameras etc
  18. App Store Take Panoramic Photos on your iPhone using Pano
  19. App Store Google Earth has arrived
  20. Cydia LogoMe - custom boot logos
  21. Cydia Unofficial John McCain app!
  22. App Store FakeCalls app
  23. App Store Remote
  24. App Store Google iPhone Voice Recognition App: Look For It On Monday
  25. Installer Hood 1.0
  26. Cydia FontSwap
  27. App Store Ustream.tv - live TV streamed to your iPhone
  28. Cydia Crackulous released...iPhone scene explodes
  29. App Store New MMS Application called Fetch!
  30. Cydia ClearCam Turns your iPhone's 2-Megapixel Camera into a 4-Megapixel Camera
  31. Cydia Turn By Turn Voice Navigation on iPhone
  32. App Store Visuals for facebook friends
  33. Cydia 5-Row QWERTY keyboard
  34. App Store Multimedia Messages
  35. App Store iPhone AIM App Gets Background Notifications, Free SMS Messages and... Ads
  36. Guidelines for App Reviews
  37. CBS Brings TV.com Content to iPhone
  38. App Store "Bang! Bang!" by RNSK
  39. Cydia xGPS v1.2 Released; Turns iPhone into a True GPS device with Turn-By-Turn Voice Navig
  40. Ferrari GT Evolution
  41. App Store "Picture Safe!" by collect3
  42. Cydia Store Cyntact by Jay Freeman (saurik)
  43. App Store Speedtest.net
  44. Cydia CyDelete by Dustin Howett
  45. Cydia Text Message Plus
  46. App Store iMafia Thread
  47. Cydia ICY by RipDev
  48. App Store Postcard
  49. App Store Galaga Remix Lightning Review: Classic Space Shootin' For iPhone
  50. App Store Baby Shaker
  51. App Store GV Mobile Makes Google Voice The Default for Your iPhone
  52. App Store vampires live
  53. App Store TMZ app - Get your Hollywood Gossip!!
  54. App Store QuickOffice for iPhone in the App Store
  55. App Store Sirius/XM comes to the iPhone finally!
  56. App Store MyVibe app by MyPleasure.com
  57. App Store Terminator: Salvation LITE
  58. App Store Doom Resurrection
  59. Cydia Store 3G Unrestrictor
  60. RockYourPhone MyWi - Instant wi-fi hotspot!
  61. Cydia Store YourTube: download YouTube videos to the iPhone
  62. Cydia GV Mobile for Google Voice
  63. App Store 2009 PGA Championship app!
  64. Cydia Spotbright
  65. App Store Facebook 3.0
  66. App Store TUAW for the iPhone!
  67. Cydia PrivaCy by saurik
  68. App Store 5 Most Popular iPhone Turn by Turn Navigation Apps
  69. App Store "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown" Coming to the iPhone
  70. App Store Snapture - iPhone camera replacement app
  71. App Store Photoshop.com Mobile
  72. App Store The 10 Most Idiotic iPhone Apps
  73. App Store Cisco launches iPhone security app
  74. Cydia Quickwidgets
  75. Cydia Store QuickReply for SMS
  76. RockYourPhone Multifl0w, the future of backgrounding!
  77. Cydia SmartScreen
  78. App Store Knocking: LIVE video streaming via the iPhone is here!!!
  79. App Store Dragon Dictation for iPhone - speak your texts, emails, anything...
  80. App Store Type n Walk (just like it says!)
  81. App Store Bing from Microsoft
  82. Cydia ProSwitcher
  83. App Store Facebook 3.1 Released with Push Notifications and Contact Sync
  84. Cydia [Mega Installer] Free AppStore
  85. App Store Unauthorized iPhone news readers app.
  86. App Store iSamJackson: The best motherf****g app!!!
  87. App Store The White House App
  88. App Store Logitech Touch Mouse iPhone App
  89. App Store Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics App
  90. App Store Meebo comes to the iPhone
  91. App Store Smart Drive kit for the iPhone
  92. App Store MLB.com At Bat 2010
  93. App Store PayPal iPhone app adds 'Bump to Send Money' feature
  94. Cydia Cyfix - Fixes Cydia's corrupted repo errors Latest version v1.4b
  95. App Store Apple Approves Opera Mini for iPhone
  96. Cydia Store Wi-Fi Sync released via Cydia Store!
  97. App Store Tweetaholic by cdevwill (Hustle Inc.)
  98. Cydia Store iBye backs up your iPhone without iTunes
  99. App Store Google Goggles coming to the App Store
  100. App Store iMovie for iPhone
  101. App Store iBookstore for the iPhone
  102. App Store Flare - iPhone Professional DJ Turntable
  103. App Store Fring - video calling with iPhone 4 front camera
  104. App Store Skype 2.1 for iOS4 released, receives calls in the background
  105. App Store iPhone 4 Case Program
  106. App Store New App Store category "Try Before You Buy"
  107. Cydia Store TetherMe: Tethering on iPhone Even If Your Carrier Doesn’t Support It!!
  108. Cydia PDF Patch by Saurik
  109. App Store Tapatalk - Forum app for the iPhone
  110. Cydia Remove all apps from the task switcher by BigBoss (SBSettings Addon)
  111. App Store Netflix now supports iPhone and iPod Touch
  112. App Store Gmail and Calendar Push Notifications added to Google iPhone app
  113. App Store Facebook launches "Places"
  114. Cydia Store Auto 3G: Extend your battery life for 4, 3G S and 3G
  115. Cydia Store Home Page in Safari App by cdevwill (Will Strafach)
  116. App Store GV Connect for Google Voice
  117. App Store GV Mobile + by Sean Kovacs
  118. Cydia Store FolderEnhancer for iOS4.x
  119. App Store Yahoo! Messenger gets free video chat and phone calls with update
  120. App Store Facebook updates it's mobile app for iPhone with groups and places
  121. Google Voice for iPhone
  122. Cydia Store Barrel by Aaron Ash
  123. Cydia Store Graviboard by Conrad Kramer
  124. Cydia StayOpened by NakedProductions
  125. Cydia IconSpiral by Aaron Ash
  126. App Store Skype iPhone app now has video
  127. App Store Roll Your Own
  128. App Store Starbucks Mobile Card
  129. Cydia Store Cydia's new Manage Account feature
  130. App Store Get Old Apps
  131. Cydia Store 3DBoard 3D effect without glasses for springboard available in Cydia Store
  132. Cydia Store VoiceActivator by chpwn
  133. App Store Google released Google Translate app
  134. Cydia Store Celeste: Bluetooth file sharing for iOS!
  135. iOS notifications concept by Andreas
  136. Cydia Store FBUploader allows you to upload to Facebook using Camera app
  137. Cydia Stampr adds timestamp to photos
  138. Cydia Store 'Rich Text for Mail' tweak
  139. Cydia Store RecognizeMe: Biometric Facial Recognition Unlock
  140. App Store Facebook working on iPhone Photo Sharing App
  141. Cydia Store iBye 3 coming after iOS 5 with iCloud type functionality
  142. Cydia Comex releases PDF Patcher 2 to patch JailbreakMe 3.0 exploit
  143. App Store PayPal improves its iOS app
  144. Cydia iOS port of the Swype app improved, adds blue trace-line
  145. App Store Google+ app now available in the App Store
  146. App Store Facebook Messenger App, video coming!
  147. Cydia SemiTether iOS 5 jailbreak by BigBoss
  148. Amazon Talking to Siri by Erica Sadun and Steven Sande