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  40. extreme anger at the Q9H
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  44. Q firmware for north american phones
  45. Ship_norman_ap_u_01.04.35r_modem4_u_40.11.0fr_usno rmanatt01nar2w611a0
  46. Ship_norman_ap_u_01.04.35r_modem4_u_40.11.0fr_usno rmannadst1r2w611a00
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  52. Ship_norman_ap_u_01.09.28r_modem4_u_40.11.40r_04_u snormanatt02nar2w61
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  54. LangPack
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  69. FINALLY: Q9H WM6.1 EUROPE (W2100) (german, english, italian...)
  70. Q9H WM6.1 EUROPE (W2100) (German, English, Italian...)
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  137. If they were real, what Pokemon do you want together with you?