Cancún Vacation '07

Pictures from my August 2007 trip to Cancún.
  1. Dinner with mariachi music!
  2. One of the pools at the hotel.
  3. View from the front of the hotel.
  4. Inside a natural well.
  5. Lunch on the way to Chechinitza.
  6. Chechinitza - one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
  7. Ruins near Chechinitza.
  8. More ruins near Chechinitza.
  9. I asked this little girl if I could take her a picture and she said yes but charged me a dollar!!
  10. Inside one of the markets.
  11. Another picture in the market.
  12. View from in front of the rooms.
  13. Natural well on the way to Chechinitza.
  14. Looking up from the lobby.
  15. Inside the hotel.
  16. View from outside the rooms.
  17. I stayed at the Grand Oasis Hotel.
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